Another lovely hike

Sunday and the weather was perfect for a little hike, we just had to go!

We usually have no idea where we’ll go, we just decide along the way. “Oh, I wonder where that road leads to, let’s find out!” is usually how we do it. 🙂

First stop: Grässjön (Grass lake) which was quite windy but beautiful as always.

The last time we came this way we took a left here, this time we walked on straight ahead.

I’m glad we did, because look..!

Not knowing (or in this case remembering – I’ve gone here by car many times) what’s up ahead, around the bend…I love it!
5,3 km.

We chose Sågkvarn.

Stopped for some water.

There’s so much to see when walking that are so easily missed if you’re driving.

Me: Qvick, look, cows!
Qvick: yeah yeah, can we go now?


There are lots of various trails aroung here. Come and explore, by foot, horse or bike. 🙂

We’ve reached lake Unden.

Lovely hike! 10 km in total.

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