More visitors around the farm

First I spotted a hare and a pair of deer on one of the fields,
En hare sitter på ett fält.

one apparently pregnant doe and a buck.

Två rådjur tittar mot kameran.

On the field across the other side of the farm, there was another buck.

En skata flyger förbi en råbock


Suddenly, a fox walked by, casually.

En räv raskar

Another buck ignores the fox. Just passing by. Never mind me.

En räv går förbi strax bakom en betande råbock.

By chance, I saw yet another pregnant doe.

En råbock tittar upp.

Then the cranes came.

Två tranor

Three of them.

En trana spatserar

But they took off when I got too close.

En trana lyfter

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